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Air Emissions / Indoor Air / Noise / NPRI / Mould / Contaminated Sites /Greenhouse Gases

AVAR specializes in the manufacturing sector.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing needs.

Our philosophy is to go beyond the client-consultant relationship as a team member, helping our clients succeed in their endeavours.

The multidisciplinary approach offered by AVAR enables you to see the large picture through the use of our specialized services.  Included in the services we offer are: Environmental Management, Atmospheric Emissions, Soil, Groundwater, Industrial Hygiene and Waste Management.

Through the use of various advanced modelling and measurement techniques, AVAR is able to define, manage and solve environmental challenges for industrial sectors such as automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, mining, plastics manufacturing, surface coating, aerospace, chemical manufacturing,  oil refining, gas production, architectural and engineering.

AVAR’s commitment is to you, the client, using the latest technology and quality tools paired with a common sense approach; we succeed when the client succeeds.