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The multidisciplinary approach offered by AVAR enables you to see the large picture through the use of our specialized services.  Included in the services we offer are: Environmental Management, Atmospheric Emissions, Soil, Groundwater, Industrial Hygiene and Waste Management.

Through the use of various advanced modelling and measurement techniques, AVAR is able to define, manage and solve environmental challenges for industrial sectors such as automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, mining, plastics manufacturing, surface coating, aerospace, chemical manufacturing,  oil refining, gas production, architectural and engineering.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update (6th of April 2020)

We will try to update this data daily. The following data was obtained from various sources from the internet. The numbers are going to have a large amount of error due to the data collection issues of each country and the nature of the pandemic. The shapes of the curves help us to get a feel as to what is happening.

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Here we see a comparison of mortality rates.

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Growth Model – Try to Predict When Things Will Get Better in Canada

If we assume that things will get better sometime after the virus has stopped growing (more people being infected) we can then use a growth model to predict when that will be. Biological organisms can follow what we call an exponential growth model. If we plug in the above numbers (starting on the 5th of March 2020) into the biological growth model Y=Ce(kt) and solve using the population of Canada we see that the model states that the entire population of Canada will be infected 70 days later or sometime in the middle of May 2020. This is a rough model and their are many variables not taken into account here so anything is possible.

The following charts show the calculation for population infection for each day. An upward curve may indicate a flattening of the curve.

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Information, data, estimates, or opinions used in the preparation of the above information were obtained by AVAR Environmental Inc. from sources considered reliable and believed to be true and correct. However, AVAR Environmental Inc. has not necessarily made an independent investigation of the source information and assumes no responsibility of such items or for the use of the data or modelling provided.